Benefits of Programmatic Marketing Platform

The marketers can have the following benefits by using the Programmatic platform –
Creating custom audiences with utmost accuracy and precision
Optimizing audiences in real time for maximum campaign effectiveness
Expansion of audiences instantly with precision scale
Understanding audience behaviour with pinpoint insights
Enabling the marketers to target, optimize and report on display campaigns
Individual level data accuracy

Platforms for Programmatic Marketing

There are basically three platforms for understanding the programmatic marketing for brands and marketers –

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Through this, the marketers can reach new levels of CPA, CTR and CPC performance by having elementary level optimization on the direct response and campaign brandings. Here they can also gain deeper audience insights into their prospective businesses.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Through this platform, the marketers can easily collect, integrate and manage their first party and third part data also. They can maximize their value of data by keeping it unstructured instead of aggregating it in pre-packaged segments.

Supply Side Platforms (SSP)

The marketers can maximize the value of their inventory by pairing it with unstructured, intent- based data and detailed contextual analysis. Here they can also maintain control across all your sales channel.