Buy, plan, execute, and measure your campaigns precisely with our world-class Al-powered solutions. This will not only elevate your media plan, but will also empower you to align creative with data in order to create personalized branded experiences and let your media performance increase dramatically.

Encounter the Capability of our Al-Powered DSP

Do you want the convenience and speed of an entire buy-side platform, including an Al-enabled DSP? Contextual helps you to build, deliver, and analyze your complete media plan. Our world-class Al-powered digital media solutions allow you to do it all- simpler, faster, and integrated place for precisely end-to-end ad serving and complete attribution.

Enjoy Working with A Partner of Your Choice with a Full-Holistic View

As one of the largest independent buy-side platforms globally, we are completely DSP oriented. With us, you get the opportunity to work with any partner of your choice, encapsulate all the data available across your complete media plan and also enjoy a full-holistic view across each and every screen- mobile, desktop, in-app, video, and more.

One Place for All Your Decisions and Actions

With our powerful Al-enabled decisioning engine sitting across your DSPs, we supercharge all your data effectively. You can maximize each and every element of your media plan with us and see right into your data, opening all the valuable insights. It can maximize your performance and raise your impact and will also drive your marketing from programmatic to predictive.

Get Amazed by The Speed of Our Fast-Facts Dashboard

Receiving your data in a form that’s not actionable is far worse than waiting for it since hours. And, so we have put great efforts to make sure we deliver your data as fast as possible and also with the insights you require i.e. conversions, engagement, brand affinity, brand safety, cost per acquisition and viewability, everything just a click away. You can also drive faster and better results by personalizing your reports, data feeds, dashboard and our always on-demand tools quite easily and efficiently.

Acquire More Control Accompanied by Greater Transparency

Our all-media platform offers you complete transparency with no black boxes and instant access to the data you require at the moment. Using our visual workflows, intuitive wizards and many other easy-to-use tools, you can easily wheel through your to-do list. While constructing our self-service platform, we had only one aim in mind- to give you the wings for making better decisions and richer performance.

See your Plan Working and Spend Diminishing

Instantly see every element of your plan with our cross-screen data visualization tools which will help you to focus your spend with laser-precision on what really works and eliminate out the waste. Also our powerful Al-enabled brand safety technology will help you in ensuring that each and every single video, display, and mobile ad that you run is not viewed by the bots or running somewhere you really do not wish it to.