Graphical Banner

These are the ads which complement the pages of the publisher aesthetically and blend in contextually. It is the choice of the advertisers to display what they would like within the graphical space including photos and logos in various sizes. These need to be eye-catching enough to draw the visitor’s attention. Graphical banners allow you to say it in pictures and brag a much higher viewer retention as compared to television or radio.

Pop Unders

These are another form of online advertising which have emerged from the popular concept of pop-ups. It is mostly accepted by all publishers, advertisers as well as users since they do not interrupt the user immediately and are less intrusive, and also do not take away the user from the publisher site. This provides the users with a very good opportunity to brand their product, while also giving the users enough information about the product. Whenever a user visits a website with pop-under advertisements, the pop-under open in a new browser window which is hidden right under the current browser.

Interstitial Ads

It is an advertising page inserted right in the usual flow of editorial content structure on a website with the sole purpose of promotion or advertising.