Here at Contextual, you will find a collection of features which make it simple for you to find your ideal audiences and drive conversions with great ads.

Simple and Easy to Use

We have put great efforts to ensure that you don’t find it challenging to access all our features, which are reasonably simple and easy to use.

Campaign Optimization

With the creative optimization of your campaigns, we let you reach the right audience at the right time and with the right message.

Real Time Bidding

Our omni-channel platform let you analyze and evaluate your data and bid on each impression as it becomes available in real time.

Huge Inventory

A big part of good inventory management comes down to predicting the demand with laser-precision. Experience this with Contextual.

Reporting Dashboard

This data visualization tool displays the present status of the analysis and indicates performance accurately. A reporting dashboard’s value lies in its ability to change behaviour and drive continuous, incremental improvements.

Advanced Targeting

Our world-class creative optimization solutions let you target exactly the types of audience you want your ad to be visible to and only serve impressions to the people who meet your specified criteria.