What is a Contextual Graph?

The contextual graph is an excellent device which helps you understand, monetize and graph your target audience in a unified way across all connected devices. This was not the case with other digital marketing and advertising platforms who have a fractured nature of operation. They tend to pose single user as different users because they use different devices and it becomes necessity while switching between context within those devices. This out of the world revolution is here to stay while you can make the most of it.
How Does It Work?

We have an integrating platform which determines if the devices are related to each other and connected to a particular user. It then builds a unified cross-device view of the consumer on all the platform and the consumer acts as one unified user at all the platforms. The device models billions of non -PII data points thereby isolating strong behavioral and relationship-based patterns across devices. It believes in real-time data collection while also reflecting the most up to date information about it.
Here is how it works differently for Advertisers and Publishers:
=> It targets the audiences with unified and coordinated messages across all their device thereby unifying them all.
=> It helps in customizing the user experience based on their behavior recorded on cross- device.
=> It also measures the effectiveness the used cross-device brand awareness while also directly responding campaigns.
=> For publishers, it can help monetize the audiences but not the content channels giving ample opportunity on either side.
=> It enables a 360° view of their target consumers across all the devices be it a personal computer, tablet or a mobile phone.
=> It understands the user pathing across devices to power more effective acquisition marketing.

Targeted Advertising for Advertisers

  • Step 1
    Complete the sign up procedure, and follow the directions to construct an advertisement.
  • Step 2
    Wait for approval from a Contextual.com customer care representative.
  • Step 3
    Activate the approved campaign by funding your account.
  • Step 4
    Congratulations; your ad is live on the Contextual.com context!
  • Step 5
    Interested viewers see your ad on publisher's sites, and click through to your website.
  • Step 6
    Watch as your conversion rate soars!