We have an AI driven decisioning engine which are powerful enough to identify insights within the data. These can be processed under five key dimensions or predictive marketing or simply Five C’s –
1. Campaign
2. Consumers
3. Context
4. Creatives and
5. Cost
Having achieved these, you will have the power to foster deep engaging ties with the clients as well as maintaining deeper relationships while also delivering personal advertising at all times.

Panoramic views of the campaigns

We give our audiences and partner the options to have panoramic view of their campaigns as Display, video, search, desktop, mobile and connected TV are not separate for them. We give them the freedom to access and integrate their campaign date across all the media plan. This might give them the proximity towards attaining wisdom over the functionality of their advertisements. Here you can also start with a holistic overview of your campaign performance using intuitive wizards, visual workflows. It can give holistic specifics about your campaign to get even better results.

Understanding the Customers

It is highly essential tasks to understand the sentiments and demands of the audiences. That is exactly what we at Contextual aim to perceive for our clients by letting them gain a deeper understanding of their target audience. We have specific and leading digital marketing solutions for that. In that way, we help your business completely leverage your funnel data in creating a detailed portrait of each consumer’s unique interests, desires. It is important to have a personal touch to directly connect with your audiences.

Giving Content Context Highly Important

In the present competition atmosphere, it is highly important that you curate your content with context of your audiences. You must know the behaviour of your consumers to understand their needs and demands of the products. We have dedicated Data Management Platform to understand that requirement by centralizing and activating consumer data from every channel. We have some easy-to- use tool in order to maximize your relevance by providing contextual data and AI-powered sentiments analysis. It is helpful to decide when, where and how to reach your target audience at the precise time.

Important to Get Creatives with Your Data

The success of your campaign will mostly depend on the creatives, formats, features and experiences moving forward. The creatives are the most important as far as the success of your campaign is concerned. We have some dedicated solutions which can help your brand engage and convert consumers by creating individualized branded experiences. These engagements would grab the attention, captivate interests and ultimately help you get the better of your competitors in the field.

Gaining Control Over your Costs

With our dedicated tools and software, you can always compare the goals to actual results in seconds while also calculating return on ad spend. We also offer solutions regarding all-media visibility into frequency, conversions, fraud as well as viewability in order to manage the ad delivery across multiple DSPs and publishers. Hence, you will need to spend less on services which you can get at one place with more advance techniques and thus getting higher returns on investments.

AI-enabled Data Streams

We have an exceptional technology in the form of AI to have insights at billions of data points across the campaign, consumer, context, creatives and costs. This will help our clients predict best message, time and environment for achieving their targets. Also, we learn from the customer experiences and the audience response in order to interact better for our clients.