What is Cross-Device Marketing?

It is one of the most efficient marketing approach towards programmatic advertising. It is often done with the help of Contextual device graph where the marketers confidently identify their consumers devices to reach, engage and measure each interaction with their target customers. It has a unique database to uniquely identify the consumer across desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and TVs. Here the marketers can achieve true return on their advertisement spend through accurate and on the mark reach as well as frequency targeting and reporting.
It enables the cross-device marketing to be screen agnostic where the marketers would afford the opportunity to speak to a consumer wherever they are, and regardless of the device they may be using or not. The cross device is able to identify the point of conversion across all screens such as smartphones, tablets, home computers and even smart TVs. It is done to smartly gauge the efficiency and return on ad spend for every campaign, adjusting engagement parameters in real time.

What are the benefits of cross-device analytics?

It is a revolutionary platform which helps the marketers develop the actual value of their ad spend. Also, it helps to optimize future campaigns based on that knowledge also. We offer not only the unified reach and frequency reporting across TVs and digital devices but also cross device audience amplification unlike the traditional DSPs. Also, we try and amplify the cross-device scale by 5 times on average, meaning that the marketers will be able to find the best of their target audiences.
With its help, you are ready to invest proper metrics and measurement tools for cross-device which has excellent value for money in the long term. The analytics help the marketers to more accurately report in order to enable better and efficient budget allocation.

Why Invest in Cross-Device Marketing?

You want all your money to be spend at the right place for the right advertisement. Hence, all the dollar you spend must be spend with an opportunity to influence a consumer. Whether or not the goal is to increase brand awareness, we must always be imperative toward two important aspects –


Here you must control every penny you spend, and it must be accountable and countable too. It is required to reach the right person, with the right device and the right message at all times.


The brand must see the maximum number of opportunities in order to deliver the tailored messages, regardless of devices or browser. Here the pertinent goal is achieved transactions, brand awareness while lowering the CPAs.